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What our clients say


“Having known Shaun and Jasi for quite some time has allowed me a window into their developments and personal, family and business lives. Their success in the property market in which they continue to find lucrative niches means I will be rolling my super into a self-managed townhouse investment with Easy Property.”

Tony Cummins

“I highly recommend Shaun Colley & Jasi Colley. Ethics, Empathy, Trust & Honesty are non-negotiable when it comes to the way >we run our business and that’s why I back these guys 100%. They hold all these qualities and more, as well as the experience and knowledge to deliver what they promise.”

Tracy & Mike Layton

“Thanks Shaun for the very honest advice you gave us, it’s made a huge difference for us with where we are heading, very much appreciated.”

Jay Flanno

“With over a decade’s experience in property, having successfully delivered results across various areas such as renovations, sub-divisions, commercial property, and property options, Jasi and Shaun have the expertise to guide you through your property journey. Whether you’re a seasoned investor looking for new opportunities, a first time buyer or simply looking to add to your portfolio, the team at Easy Property will simplify the process so you can achieve your property goals quickly and effortlessly.”

Mike Smith

“Great people. I’ve learned and worked with Shaun and Jasi and found that they have been knowledgeable, trustworthy and most of all make it easy to understand property.”

Peter Torrisi

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked onsite with Shaun on 4 properties now. It really has been a journey watching him and his team creatively transform old properties into new with their on-hand renovating skills and new home add-on developments. Shaun has got an incredible talent for seeing the potential in a site and will take on any challenge with the right attitude so that it can be done the right way. He makes a concerted effort to be both professional and honest whilst making the process and worksite as fun and enjoyable as possible. I cannot recall ever seeing a tradesman or client that hasn’t been in the company of Shaun without laughing or smiling. He’s a good man to work with.”

Travis Marshall

“If you are thinking about venturing into the property market, or extending your current portfolio. If you want, honest, unbiased and genuine advice look no further, give Shaun and his team at Easy Property a call. They gave us all the support and confidence we needed to move forward in our property endeavours.”

Sean Trelour

“Easy Property with Shaun and Jasi were referred to me by a friend. I am so glad because they are amazing! Buying a house and land is so stressful and I had no idea how to navigate all the options. I would have made so many mistakes without them. For example, we had considered a builder that seemed to give everything we wanted, but found out they were notorious for cutting corners. Shaun did all the due diligences checking things we would never have considered. When doing our custom build they helped do the negotiating for us and I would not have pushed for things assuming it couldn’t be done. Jasi also made sure everyone was on the ball and kept me consistently informed with progress as well as helping ease my fears with the process. Seriously you couldn’t have a better team in your corner to help you with whatever stage of buying/looking at property that you are at. Don’t waste time and money doing it yourself. Not to mention I feel like I gained friends in the process.”

Shanna Rose

“Shaun has a passion for helping others in anything they do. Honest, motivated and always giving 110%! I would not hesitate to recommend Shaun and his team at Easy Property for all your property investment needs.”

Gene Richards