The Easy Property Team is helping clients that want to live in South East Queensland get themselves into new homes, making the process simple & easy!

Whether you’re an Investor, or a Home Buyer wanting to escape the renting game, sometimes you just need a helping hand in securing land, choosing the right design, meeting your budget & getting finance over the line…

Every person is an individual and deserves a personalised strategy to suit their situation. We’ve made it very easy to take the next step in discovering how we make this work for you…

Simply book in a Free Strategy Call with Shaun and he’ll be able to answer the questions you have. Just a key bit of guidance in the right areas can get you over the line with the home or investment that fits you perfectly!

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“Having known Shaun and Jasi for quite some time has allowed me a window into their developments and personal, family and business lives. Their success in the property market in which they continue to find lucrative niches means I will be rolling my super into a self-managed townhouse investment with Easy Property.”

Tony Cummins

“I highly recommend Shaun Colley & Jasi Colley. Ethics, Empathy, Trust & Honesty are non-negotiable when it comes to the way >we run our business and that’s why I back these guys 100%. They hold all these qualities and more, as well as the experience and knowledge to deliver what they promise.”

Tracy & Mike Layton

“Thanks Shaun for the very honest advice you gave us, it’s made a huge difference for us with where we are heading, very much appreciated.”

Jay Flanno