News 2. The Winning Combination for Life Success: Hard Work, Hustling and Delayed Gratification

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Publisher: Shaun Colley

Even though I try to convince my wife daily that I am superhuman, I’ve conceded I’ll never win that argument. In fact, I’ll also concede there are many things I don’t like about being in business.

If you’ve ever felt like giving up and are wondering if it’s all worth the struggle, grab yourself a bulletproof coffee and read on.

There are some core principles I always go back to which have helped me through some of the toughest struggles – personal and business – that put me back on track to hit the success goals I’ve set for myself.

Prepare for an injection of inspiration!

The Colley Recipe for Hard Work

I could be so cheeky as to think Gary Vaynerchuck copied my recipe for achieving success through hard work. Truthfully, my soul was humbled when I attended his seminar hosting by Success Resources at Success Squared. We must be brothers from another mother!

Gary V’s perspectives on hard work ring true in all areas of my life, not just in business. It’s actually not about flogging ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically for the sake of reaching a goal, either one I set myself or with my wife and business partner.

It’s not just about the hustle and the intensity, it’s about working effectively and consistently.

The existence alone of my wife and daughters emotionally tugs my soul every day. They remind me of my choices to be the best father and example I can be for them. Through them I am emotionally connected to every work-related activity I do. Because of this alignment, work does not feel like work.

Work involves giving daily, deep thought to our business strategy, finding the best outcomes for our clients, taking care of my family but firstly, taking care of myself.

Receiving personal coaching, business coaching and mentorship are regular weekly features – I can’t give if I haven’t received.

My mornings consist of a 4:30am start before my wife wakes at 5:30am and youngest daughter stirs. I hit the gym, with an Ibook or a mate, fuel my body with quality food and review our plan for our work day and family activities.

When my girls awaken, my head is clear and it’s all systems go for a long day ahead. But above all, this routine is deliberate and it’s consistent.

The Hustle

In my previous days running a personal training business I explored every angle to squeeze out whatever my clients had within them to stretch that bit further.

I knew that growth occurred at the edge or at rep number ‘I can’t do anymore’, when their arms felt like jelly and their chest felt like it was on fire.

The same is with any other area of life, and again… not just business. Talent and technique only goes so far. Effort must then come but more so, consistent, patient effort.

Our toddler is never an excuse for not making phone calls, reviewing contracts, exercising, eating well and looking after ourselves the best way we can.

The disruptions to schedules and routines don’t stop us constantly chasing opportunities with a passion and purpose.

We do the best WE can, not what anyone else thinks we can, and constantly play the ball from where it has landed, not where we thought it would land or hoped, just from here.

Life happens. We continually adjust, change tack and push forward. We embrace the unpredictability.

Progress in any avenue of life is never linear. In fact it makes for a hell of joy-ride and an incredible story!

And that, my friends, makes hustling so much more enriching and worth it when you hit your target.

Delayed Gratification leads to the Pot of Gold

I could go out and buy a supercar tomorrow, but we know too well I’m likely to then soon be asking my wife: “So honey, what next?”

I love luxury and high quality. And as you’ve guessed, I love high performance cars. I also make no apologies for thinking and being this way.

However, speaking from many years of previous business, I can personally vouch for the fact rewards are never as sweet unless there has been some positive energy along the way.

My personal training clients would provide the best testimonials of my drumming the beat of this mindset in every session.

This is why we set goals that stretch us which entails hitting sub-goals along the way and applying this framework has worked every time for every goal I choose to chase:

  • Self-education

I find ibooks and live coaching works for me. I find and attend relevant seminars. I volunteer as Crew at events I resonate with as a way of giving back and watching people’s transformation – it is so special.

There’s so much available for the taking so I sift carefully and choose what’s relevant to help me work through present challenges. It’s amazing what a-ha moments you can have when listening to your fave youtube or podcast whilst driving or pushing weights.

  • Coach

It’s not only about finding a qualified educator with true runs on the board. Finding someone we resonate with is what really brings to life a strong certainty to our goals.

We work with the best business coach we resonate with to not only help keep our activities on track and increase our education but to ensure our mindsets are exercised in the right way through our conversations.

Gary Vee, Grant Cardone & Tony Robbins speak to my business head and my soul.

Not a day passes without me seeking an inspiration injection from my coaches. Seek coaches online and offline.

  • Sharing and giving

I love giving to others what I learn and how I’ve achieved my own successes. I share the struggles too. By helping others, I get better myself. The real-life conversations are truly what ignite momentum.

Talking with others, empathizing with others and hearing their perspectives helps us all achieve more.

I can be a human doing until the cows come home, but it’s through these golden interactions that activity is bred. It’s essential.

One of my mentors says ‘brilliance is found at the edge’, and that has been my experience.

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