News 1. How Celebrating Wins and Losses Breeds Momentum for Ongoing Success

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Publisher: Jasi Colley

Sometimes I am truly excited and scared at the same time when I think of challenges that lay ahead. Some of those challenges are known to me and there are others I have no clue are heading my way.

To embrace the ups and downs in our business and personal lives I use the magical strategy of planting a celebration somewhere in my day, my week, as regularly as I can. If it’s not with family or friends I love, I celebrate by myself.

In my 20 years of property and events project management, I have definitely experienced my fair share of debilitating hurdles, roadblocks, and trials.

Early on I saw and experienced the transformational impact celebratory reflections had at every stage. They weren’t a sidenote. They were a non-negotiable that I quickly learned to inject into every area of my life.

The false, euphoric hi-fiving at the turn of anything even a smidgin positive is far from what I am encouraging. It’s not about opulent parties and regular popping of champagne bottles either, although I’m known to love a glass of Veuve every so often!

Regular deep reflective moments
coupled with purposefully orchestrated festivities are what
hold the magic of success-breeding momentum for us.

Don’t underestimate the power that celebrating all the stages of your journey can have not just on your business, but your life. Because we’ve been blessed with such amazing changes and results, we wanted to share with you a snapshot of what works for us.

  • Anchor the lessons

One of my favorite authors and researchers is the psychological professor, Carol Dweck. She beautifully explains how essential it is to be continually planting seeds for a success-oriented growth mindset to flourish.

Despite what’s happening on the journey, deliberately and actively looking for the lessons in every turn of events nourishes our minds to keep operating on track to successfully hit our goals.

Every obstacle, uncomfortable situation, every painful emotion… they all have valuable messages for us. Personality clashes teach us to appreciate another perspective we haven’t yet seen. Unfavorable business results tell us there are learning gaps to close.

My husband and even my young daughters earmark me to do this when challenges hit and my emotional reserve and mental strength are low. Sometimes it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but the lessons always show up. Always.

Whether we’re ecstatic to achieve a wonderful client result or feel shattered because we couldn’t, we plan an experience that casts a memory of the lessons we have learned – good, bad and ugly.

We go out for dinner, lunch or picnic on the floor at home. We plan a reflective walk and swim at the beach. Wherever we are we review, we recognize, we empathize and we toast each other… our young children included. Of course, they and my husband get the non-alcoholic version.

  • Learning to celebrate wins on your own helps you massively increase your momentum for success

Research has shown that stamping challenging learning situations with positive perspectives and emotions actually strengthens our capacity to stay focused, find solutions and still come up with great ideas.

When you can create ways to really congratulate and celebrate by yourself without needing to include others, you step into an incredible feeling of control and self-confidence that increases your momentum.

Amazing things also start to unfold when that beautiful energy exudes from you holding your own independent ceremony. You’re tuning into your passion and people around you will sense this resonation.

Your independent, vicarious positivity becomes contagious. Clients love working with you and people want to be around you. Despite challenges you’re facing, you still emit radiance throughout all your conversations and exchanges.

Regularly I celebrate the roles I play as a business partner to my husband and as a mum to our angelic daughters. I celebrate having tough conversations I always knew would be tension-fuelled and uncomfortable. In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret…

I always have a bottle of celebratory bubbles close at hand (wink wink). However, that bottle is mine and mine alone. When that cork pops it pops just for me (it helps that my husband doesn’t drink bubbles).

Even though my husband may not recognize every time the growth and learning I see, I celebrate because I can see it and it matters to me.

  • Celebrate from a source of passion, not temporary excitement

Passion is not the same as excitement. Excitement is a temporary ‘feel good now’ state. The resounding legacy calling you from within throughout good and bad times… that’s passion. Staying true to that breeds success for us.

Despite the distractions and turmoil, we’re still drawn back to the original path. Passion for us is not something we can shake off.

We’re careful of simply doing what feels good and right at the moment. Success comes from doing things that often don’t feel good, at least not immediately. The taste of it being so much sweeter definitely rings true for us when we have stayed the obstacle course and persisted.

At the end of the day, choose wisely a highly emotionally intelligent tribe to deeply reflect with. Find your own version of Veuve Cliquot and start looking for the growth opportunities and lessons.

Wins and losses alike, celebrate them and you’ll propel yourself further and faster toward reaching your goals.

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