News 3. Four Ways to Use Sustainability to Save AND Make You Money on Your Next Property

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Publisher: Jasi Colley

Research in the last five years is increasingly showing property purchasers – investors and homeowners alike – value sustainability as a key factor in their decision-making.

When the CSIRO researched the perspectives of construction industry and real estate professionals on demands for energy efficient (EE) features in homes, the results voiced strong support in favor of such features (EnergyFit Home Initiative).

Lower costs of energy (91% of respondents) and energy efficiency (90% of respondents) were naturally the most popular reasons supporting greater uptake of EE initiatives. In addition, 98% reported long-term financial and environmental benefits were highly important.

Houses and apartments or townhouses with more sustainable, greener futures have been attracting significantly higher price tags than median prices for quite some time.

If you are looking to buy a new home, investment or development site, adopting these four due diligence steps won’t just help you make smarter buying decisions now that create higher value long term. You’re also helping to alleviate greater environmental, economic and community challenges.

  1. Examine the location beyond initial face-value impressions

It’s common to think the socio-economic demographics of an area is a key predictor of housing appreciation. To spot high-value opportunities, we actually need to think more laterally.

For example, the slope of a potential site greater than 15% can attract unforeseen developmental costs.

Closeness to wetlands, farmland or sensitive eco-systems may not only attract approval obstacles but also pose environmental threats.

Proximity to schools, public parks, shops, and public transport are key drawcards. A property or site which ticks these boxes doesn’t just provide the benefit of easy access.

Tenants and new homeowners save themselves money, time and stress relief from not battling traffic congestion plus help protect the environment contributing less to greenhouse emissions.

  1. Look for a floor plan that provides multi-purpose spaces

Regardless of whether you’re a new home buyer, developer or investor, it’s a no-brainer there are multiple gains in designing a floor plan with spaces that serve multiple purposes. Our friends at IKEA are masters at that!

Smaller floor plans aren’t just beneficial in requiring less energy and resources to manage and maintain. Living in them can be particularly fun!

Imagine hanging gardens and fold-away, out-of-sight clotheslines for the courtyard and balcony. Just think…no gardening, or constant weeding of pavers required! Wall spaces could serve as a temporary study nook or small dining table.

Could indoor spaces be easily combined with the outside to create an expansive, alfresco feel?

  1. Maximize the natural elements for light, heating, and airflow

Review the positioning and size of lighting features, windows and the actual walls of the building. Is the design passive to make use of heat, natural light, and ventilation to help reduce energy consumption and costs?

Can green gardens and shade sails be installed to clean the air and more easily enjoy balmy summer temperatures without relying on air conditioning indoors?

  1. Choose sustainable materials and use them in sustainable ways

In smaller dwellings, noise reduction and privacy can be a common challenge. Installing insulation not only keeps your house warm in winter and cool in summer but also has noise reduction properties.

New materials can be expensive and increase our carbon footprint so consider sourcing recycled materials (e.g. bricks, wood panels, paint, tiles).

You’ll be surprised at amazing deals of undervalued, charismatic one-of-a-kind pieces you can find in online marketplaces, (e.g. Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or Grays Online.)

Easy Property is not just about helping you gain world-class skills and knowledge to achieve financial gains.

We’re about creating high value, environmentally conscious, sustainable housing that you and your families can enjoy for generations to come.

To save and make money on your next property project, simply inbox us to request a free copy of our Sustainability Checklist.

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