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At Easy Property we put you, as a seller or buyer back in control. We are here to assist you at every stage of the process.
For too long, traditional real estate agents have promised the world and charged a premium fee, without always delivering.
How many times have you heard of stories where and agent has said they can sell a property at a certain price to later have that dropped to a lower level? This is known as “condtioning”, where the agent lures a seller in with the expectation of a higher price to get the listing and then later draws the sale price down to reality.
Remember that the “market” will always determine the price of a property.
So what is the “market price”? This is simply what a willing buyer and seller are prepared to agree on to make a sale. This price is influenced by many variables, such as the age of a property, condition, size, location, nearby amenities, distance to schools, land size, economic climate and even the time of the year. Plus the emotional attachment or needs of the seller or buyer. So even an expert agent or valuer cannot tell you the final sale price  of a property.
So how can the true value be determined?
This is done by comparing ‘apples with apples’. By looking at what similar properties have been sold for recently will give you a fair idea of value, but again their are so many factors to consider and one of them is not your own emotional attachment to your home.
What we do is provide you with an open appraisal without the emotional link to give you a fair opinion before you consider how to sell your property. But what makes us unique is we will give you a number of options to assist you to sell your property, with guidance or sell on your behalf with a very reasonable fee based on level of service.
The main consideration is, we will assist you at all levels and support you to achieve the best result and the most reasonable cost. Unlike many agencies who have the aim of charging the highest commission and adding on as many extras as possible.
We are here to help you and relieve the challenges faced when selling.
Let us give you some professional guidance, at no-obligation in a simple no-nonsense way.
Mission Statement
Easy Property Real Estate  pledges to be in constant communication with our clients, keeping them fully informed throughout the entire buying or selling process. We believe that if our clients are not left with an amazing experience after the transaction is complete, we haven’t done our job. At Easy Property, we measure success through the satisfaction of our clients.